Web Development Full Stack Bootcamp

32 hours of lecture, 25 hours of course work every week

This full stack bootcamp is intended for anyone who has zero to some programming knowledge and is looking for that guided approach to becoming an engineer in 4 months. In this full stack bootcamp, you’ll learn the core fundamentals of web programming by building practical, real-life applications using Angular and React. Immersive instruction using engineering best practices and peer programming techniques help you master vital web programming concepts. This full stack bootcamp will also prepare you for technical interview questions to get you ready for your next tech job.

Kal Academy Interview

Interview : Getting to know about the program and you!

Once you apply to the program, you will be invited to a virtual interview. Upon selecting a suitable date you will be sent some preparation materials for the interview. In the interview, we will discuss the program in depth, answer your questions, get to know you and will evaluate your technical skills based on the materials sent to you. Based on the outcome of the interview, you will either get accepted or declined to the program.

Kal Academy Pre-coursework

Pre-coursework : HTML/CSS/JavaScript

Weeks before the start of the program, you will learn some basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to get started with programming.

1 month

Kal Academy Module

Module 1-6 : Learn to Build MEAN Application

In the first 3 weeks of the program, you will learn to build full stack applications using Angular and typescript. You will learn from scratch to build components, services, and interfaces in Angular following the MVC design pattern.

3 weeks.

Kal Academy Module

Module 7-23 : Learn to Build MERN Application

In the next two months, you will learn to build a MERN application using React. You will learn from scratch to build APIs in JavaScript, work with databases in the cloud, build components using ReactJs and also integrate with Redux, and finally learn to deploy the application to the cloud.

2 months. 

Kal Academy Module

Module 24-32 : Algorithms and Data Structures

In the remaining weeks, you will learn the basics of problem solving by going through various algorithms and data structures from basics to advanced concepts. Throughout the class we will tackle several problems in the whiteboard and also as homework during the week.

1 month. 

Kal Academy Module

August 2024 Cohort


Enroll By July 15th 2024
Class Begins August 10th 2024
Class Ends December 8th 2024
Day of the week Saturday, Sunday
Time of the day 10 am to 11 am PST


Career Path

Kal Academy C#

This bootcamp

This bootcamp will prepare you for an entry level engineer role in 4 months and also have a portfolio of projects that you can showcase

Kal Academy Interview Prep

Interview Prep

Before you start applying for jobs, you can get indepth preparation for those technical interview questions by taking our Technical Interview Prep Bootcamp.

Kal Academy Bootcamp

Resume Preparation

Now that you are prepared technically, get your resume and LinkedIn all ready for potential employers to notice your skills.

Kal Academy Apply

Apply for jobs

Get your resume out the door by applying for jobs on recruiting sites, LinkedIn and others. We will also share your resume with our partners to find the best match.

I used Kal Academy’s Full Stack Web Development bootcamp as a way to pivot into a tech career. Kal, the owner, had a great setup for getting students working in a remote environment– both as learners and as developers. Her coursework was relevant, at an appropriate rigor, and helped prepare me for my job hunt and interviewing process. I’m now nearly six months into my role as a full stack engineer and couldn’t be happier.

Teal T.

Full Stack Engineer

After a career break, I lost my confidence thinking if I will ever be able to get back to working again. Then I joined Web development bootcamp here at Kal Academy. This was a turning point in my work life. The amount of learning I had after joining Kal Academy is way more than what I did in my Master’s degree. If you want to get back to the tech industry then Kal Academy is the right place to start with. Now I got a full time job as a Software Engineer. Thank you Kal for this confidence boost.

Shravani K.

Software Engineer

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