Technical Interview Prep Bootcamp

32 hours of lecture, 25 hours of course work every week

This interview prep bootcamp is for anyone who has coding experience but looking to ace that technical interview to land a job as an engineer. In this bootcamp you will learn everything from behavioral questions to system design to solving hard technical problems. By understanding the problems at it core, practice solving tons of problems, and with mock interviews, you will start to love interview preparation and ace these technical interviews with greater confidence and success.

Kal Academy Interview

Interview : Getting to know about the program and you!

Once you apply to the program, you will be invited to a virtual interview. Upon selecting a suitable date you will be sent some preparation materials for the interview. In the interview, we will discuss the program in depth, answer your questions, get to know you and will evaluate your technical skills based on the materials sent to you. Based on the outcome of the interview, you will either get accepted or declined to the program.

Kal Academy Module

Module 1-12 : System Design Problems

In the first 6 weeks of the program, you will learn to break down system design questions by learning to design large scale, event driven, resilient and high available systems.

6 weeks.

Kal Academy Module

Module 13-32 : Algorithms and Data Structures

In the remaining weeks, you will learn the basics of problem solving by going through various algorithms and data structures from basics to advanced concepts. Throughout the class we will tackle several problems in the whiteboard and also as homework during the week.

16 weeks. 

Kal Academy Mock Interview

Practice : Mock Interviews

Now that you have mastered the concepts of design and problem solving, its time to put it to test with the help of mock interviews and more practice exercises.


Kal Academy Module

August 2024 Cohort


Enroll By July 15th 2024
Class Begins August 10th 2024
Class Ends December 8th 2024
Day of the week Saturday, Sunday
Time of the day 1 pm to 2 pm PST


Career Path

Kal Academy Algorithms

This bootcamp

This bootcamp will get you prepared in-depth for the technical interviews in 4 months

Kal Academy Interview Prep


It is important that you continue to practice problem solving even after you land the job of your dreams. this is what makes you a better engineer and help beat the competition 

Kal Academy Bootcamp

Resume Preparation

Now that you are prepared technically, get your resume and LinkedIn all ready for potential employers to notice your skills.

Kal Academy Apply

Apply for jobs

Now get your resume out the door by applying for jobs on recruiting sites, LinkedIn and others. We will also share your resume with our partners to find the best match.

I would like to recommend Kal Academy to anybody who wants to either refine his or her coding skills in order to grow in their career or to learn how to code from zero. Kal is an extremely smart, professional, passionate and dedicated teacher.  I took two courses with Kal: a C# course and Algorithms and Data Structure course, and as someone coming from a business background, initially, I was not sure if I could keep up with the classes. But after a couple of weeks I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I can actually code and I can understand complicated algorithms and data structures even though I do not hold a formal computer science degree.  Once I completed my courses I received not only one, but two great job offers I was able to choose from. Needless to say, this outcome speaks for itself.

Uliana O.

Software Engineer, Microsoft

I don’t know where I’d be right now if I hadn’t found Kal Academy! I took the Algorithms and Data Structures class to prepare for my tech interview and landed my dream job at LinkedIn! Kal brings so much energy and passion into the classroom, teaching is Kal’s passion and I’m grateful I found this little network of amazing people willing to help others break into the tech industry.

If you’re thinking of starting to code or have an interview to prepare for, I highly recommend checking out this place, you’ll save a ton of money and learn more than what they teach at coding bootcamps.

Alex G.

Software Engineer, LinkedIn

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